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Here you'll find comments on books that I have read and enjoyed, found interesting, and/or useful. In my comments I strive to let you know what I really think about the book. If I like it, I'll let you know why. I outline the book's strengths and weaknesses to help give you a sense of how the book might address your needs or interests. If a book stinks like a barrel of chum left out for two summary weeks, I'm not bashful about saying so. If a book sounds interesting, don't hesitate to click on the hot link and order yourself a copy from Amazon.com.

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Important Information about my Book Reviews:

In the interest of full disclosure: this site is an Amazon.com associate. Each book reviewed has a direct link to Amazon.com. Follow that link to buy the book. I receive a small commission for each book purchased directly through this site. If you follow one of my links but decide to buy later, please return to this site and follow the link associated with the review to Amazon.com. If you go straight to Amazon.com, you'll pay the same price and I won't get my commission on the sale. Self serving, I know. Yet, commissions from book sales help support this site.

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Do I cook the recommendations to encourage you to buy books?

NO! Recommendation cooking is counter productive to us both. It is counter productive if you buy a book that doesn't live up to its review. It is counter productive for me because you'll no longer trust my reviews. If you can't trust my recommendations, you won't come back to read them.

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