Photo Services Overview

Stock Photography. Gentle Eye is proud to feature the photography of Rob Kleine. His constantly growing stock image file contains several thousand images. Stock lists and image samples are available here for your convenience. See the left menu.

Assignment Photography. Desire in situ product shots? Images of people using your product in spectacular surroundings? Rob Kleine is available for assignment, with outdoor adventure a specialty. Rob's experience as backpacker, camper, hiker, sailor, bicyclist, canoeist, equip him well to capture the essence of myriad adventurous outdoor activities.

Shoot On Speculation. Consider our shoot on speculation option if you have an image need that falls outside existing stock file coverage, you aren't in a rush for the images, and the request falls within the scope of Photographer Rob Kleine's shooting plans. For example, Rob travels annually to Maine and Arizona. One client, knowing this, requested images of his product in use with the Grand Canyon in the background. Rob accommodated this request as part of his annual Arizona trip. The only costs to you would be the fees associated with the images you license.

Digital Imaging. GentlEye is Photoshop® fluent.

Digital images. All images are available in digital form.

Digital Constructions. Do you need a composite, or digitally altered rendition of one of our stock images? We can do that for you.

Web Graphics. Interested in banners or buttons for your web page that feature one of our stock photos? We can create ready to use web graphics that meet your custom specifications.

Preview stock photos your way!

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to review images. Gentle Eye offers these alternatives for previewing images specially selected according to your needs list. Listed from quickest to slowest, the preview alternatives are as follows:

View images via the Web. On receipt of your want list, Gentle Eye will create especially for you a special web page on which you can view our submission. When our selection of images that best fit your wants are available for viewing, you will receive e-mail notification and the URL. You can then view the submission with your web browser. After selecting the images that meet your needs, call or e-mail for pricing and delivery details.

Images via e-mail. Gentle Eye can deliver images to you via e-mail. This works well if you wish to preview only one or two images. If you prefer e-mail delivery, yet we have many images for your to review, consider the Adobe Acrobat option.

Adobe Acrobat (.PDF) file. If you intend to print out the sample images to store in your files or share with others, consider requesting the submission in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format. Why Acrobat? If you will be printing the images for review, Acrobat files allow much higher quality printed images than you obtain by printing images from a web submission. 

Images on CD-R. Gentle Eye can create for you a special CD-ROM that contains stock images that meet your needs. 

Traditional submission. Do you prefer reviewing a submission of original transparencies delivered to your office by courier? No problem.

A personal showing at your office. By special arrangement, we would be happy to arrange to meet with you at your office to show you selected images that meet your wants.

 Receive licensed photos your way!

We aim to make image delivery as convenient as possible. Once you've selected images that meet your needs, and licensing details are ironed out, you can receive licensed images as follows:

Digital Image Files

Images via e-mail. This works well if your needs are met by a moderately sized low resolution image file. 

Images via FTP. We can make images available on our server for you to retrieve via FTP protocol.

Images on CD-R. Gentle Eye can create for you a CD-ROM that contains the images you have licensed. Our current in-office scanner is a HP PhotoSmart Photo Scanner.

Original transparencies delivered to your office by courier.



About the HP PhotoSmart Photo Scanner

Gentle Eye currently uses a HP PhotoSmart Photo Scanner to produce digital images. Here are some things you may want to know about the PhotoSmart scanner:

    • The PhotoSmart Photo Scanner is capable of 2400 dpi.
    • Maximum file size for an 24-bit (8-bits x 3 color channels) 35mm transparency scan is about 20mb. We can also provide 48-bit files.
    • We use VueScan scanner software to drive the HP PhotoSmart Scanner. VueScan allows the PhotoSmart scanner to yield a level of performance not possible with the HP OEM scanner software.
    • HP doesn't publish the PhotoSmart's dynamic range, but it is widely reported as approximately 3.0. 
    • The PhotoSmart's performance exceeds the needs of many photo users. 
    • Should your needs demand digital image quality higher than what the PhotoSmart Photo Scanner can produce, just ask and we will have Pro-CD scans made for you.

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