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(c) Rob Kleine 1998.  Tanner Trail. Backpacker in silhouette pausing to admire the Grand Canyon.  Grand Canyon National Park.Welcome to the CampingList Community Center

What's the CampingList? The CampingList is a forum for the discussion of outdoor activities, broadly construed. This includes, but is not restricted to, discussion of backpacking, hiking, biking, canoeing, rafting, star gazing, photography, equipment related to any of the above. See the CampingList FAQ for complete details.

Trip Reports and Photo Gallery (). Visit the CampingList Gallery. Contribute your pictures and trip reports to the Gallery. See the Gallery page for details.

NEW! Bob Bollinger's trip photos of his Alberta backpack with David Flowers. The other side of the story.

David Flowers' Alberta Backpack trip photos and trip report.

Check out Tom Reynold's High Sierra Trail trip report with photos.

Stephenson Tent Gallery. Ever wondered where you can find Stephenson tents in action? Wonder no more. Check out the Stephenson Tent Gallery. Add your Stephenson tent to the Gallery!

Help me make this page interesting and useful! Do you have equipment check lists, trip reports, photos, or any materials that you'd like to share with CampingList subscribers? Good! E-mail them to me at and I'll add them to the page. Do you have materials already on the web or accessible via ftp? Send me the link info and I'll add that, too.

What's camping without books? Looking for trail guides? Books on the Everest Tragedy? The latest in extreme lightweight backpacking? or How to Rough it Elegantly while canoe tripping? Use the search box below to find just the books you need for your next trip. logo


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Just Out! Hiking the Grand Canyon: The Corridor Trails by Ken McNamara and Rob Kleine.

This video will help you prepare to hike the Grand Canyon backcountry. Check it out!

Click to order The Complete Walker IV today!The Complete Walker IV. Colin Fletcher's authoritative classic backpacking is back, thoroughly revised and updated. A must have. Order your copy today from in Hardcover or Softcover.
Bear Books Do you know how to prevent a bear attack? These books by James Gary Shelton show you how.

Beyond Backpacking : Ray Jardine's Guide to Lightweight Hiking by Ray Jardine.

Long-Distance Hiking : Lessons from the Appalachian Trail by Roland Mueser.

Visit Camping Books to discover other camping, backpacking, backcountry, and travel books I enjoy and recommend.
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Click to visit stovemate.comWhat's Hot about StoveMate? Visit to find out.

Winter Camping on your mind? Check out John and Bob's Winter Trip Equipment Check List

Cool Camping Resources on the Web where you can view on-line every and any USGS topo map.

New Hampshire's Mount Washington, live! See live pictures from the summit where the wind blows harder than anyplace on Earth. Check it out!

Lobster Cam. Ok, this isn't a camping resource, but images from deep beneath the sea provide a nice balance to the Mt. Washington Summit images. | Tel: 1.419.262.7040
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