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bob and dave on pass bob at lake bob at pass bob-meadow campsite
bob and dave on ... bob at lake.jpg bob at pass.jpg bob-meadow.jpg campsite.jpg
clearingskies dave_falls daveincave glacier cold bud glacierlake
clearingskies.jpg dave_falls.jpg daveincave.jpg glacier cold bud... glacierlake.jpg
lakelouise2 lawsontrail lunchtime maudelaketrail reststop
lakelouise2.jpg lawsontrail.jpg lunchtime.jpg maudelaketrail.jpg reststop.jpg
talus slope
talus slope.jpg

Bob's comments on the photos:

I want to tell you about a couple of my favs you posted. The horrible looking concoction that David is about to eat, is a bizarre mixture of peanut butter, M&M's, and some other things (cereal I believe it was) on a tortilla! I thought I eat about anything, and I love peanut butter more than most people, but I could hardly even stand watching him eat this. My wife wants to go hiking him just so I can prove to her he really did eat this! (Dave, you've got to bring this on our upcoming outing and flaunt it right in front of Julia!) Of course, it was probably super efficient trail food. One of my other favs is David stripping off some wet socks and stuff. I was doing the same thing because we had bushwacked down a steep slope for a while. Anyway, about the time I was snapping that shot, I was expecting some comment like "you know Bob, this is fun and all but I don't think I'll be following you around in the mountains off-trail on any more trips..." Not only did he not say it, but I could tell from his smile that he enjoyed the thrill of the bushwack just as much as I did. You may be able to detect just the slightest smirk which I would speculate to mean "good grief that was bad, cold, wet, wet socks, but it sure beats hiking 110 degrees in the Texas desert under the blazing sun any day". | Tel: 1.419.262.7040
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