How do I license your images?

Licensing Rob Kleine's images is easy. Just follow these steps:

1. Contact me to arrange licensing fees and licensing terms before you use an image (e-mail:, phone: 1.419.353.9015; FAX: 1.419.354.6552).

2. Tell me which image(s) you desire to license.

3. Usage fees, and rights granted, for each image are determined by how you will use the image(s). Usage fees and licensing terms are determined by these factors:

  • Media in which will you use the image: Print or Electronic media? Electronic and print are considered separate uses.
  • Type of Image use? Possibilities include advertising, packaging web, editorial, corporate, personal, etc.
  • Location of image in media? (e.g., home page for a web site, inside editorial, on the cover of brochure for distribution within your corporation)?
  • Size at which the image will be used (e.g., 1/4 page inside).
  • Print run, for images use in print media.
  • Number of distinct uses for the image (for example, the use of an image in two seprate ads counts as two uses).
  • Length of time or frequency of image use (e.g., in an ad that will run six times, or in a web banner ad that will run for six months).
  • Geographic disribution of the media (e.g., regional US, US, North America, world).
  • Exclusivity needed: exclusive or non-exclusive. For example, to ensure that you are the only one in your industry to use a particular image, request rights for exclusive use within your industry. If exclusivity is not a concern, request non-exclusive rights (they're less expensive).

4. With the above information, I'll prepare for you a quote.

5. Once we've agreed on terms, you will be issued a license to use the image(s).

Thats' it!


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