Ohio is a state of many contrasts and opportunities. The Ohio Gallery surveys the less familiar sides of Ohio

Red Barn and Green Grass.  SW Wood county.  (c) Rob Kleine, All Rights Reserved, GentlEye.com

Antique tractor up for raffle.  Luckey Fall Festival, Luckey, Oh.  (c) Rob Kleine, All Rights Reserved, GentlEye.com

Festivals and Fairs are an Ohio Staple. Entertainers, musicians, kid crafts, and tractor pulls yield a unique mix. Assembled here are select images from some of my favorite fairs:

New! The Black Swamp Arts Festival is one of my favorites. Held in Bowling Green one weekend each Fall, the Festival offers fun for all. Entertainers, musicians, crafts for kids.

Watch for it! What do an Abe Lincoln impersonator, a sword swallower, and civil war era canons have in common? Stop back and find out.

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