Travel Image Stock List

The Travel Stock List is still being assembled, but here's a quick overview of our travel collection:

  • Arizona : Grand Canyon, Phoenix Area
  • Maine : Mid-coast, especially the Boothbay Harbor Region
  • Ohio : Especially Northwestern, Ohio
  • Canada : Algonquin Provincial Park

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Arizona Stock List

Grand Canyon National Park

Extensive coverage of backpacking in the Eastern part of Grand Canyon National Park. Coverage includes:

Backpackers on trail, the Tanner Trail, the Escalante Route, Red Canyon (New Hance) Trail, camp scenes, back country food preparation and consumption, river rafters negotiating rapids of the Colorado River, Maswik Transportation Center, the Backcountry Office, scenics, flora (flowers and cacti).

Petrified Forest National Park

Coverage includes Fred Harvey Travel Store (hiker support services), Petrified Forest Visitor’s Center, Rainbow Forest Museum (secure backcountry permits here), Entrance Station, Magazine Rock, Petrified Wood details, scenics, and flora.

Painted Desert Wilderness Area (located within Petrified Forest National Park)

Coverage includes backpackers in the wilderness area, backpackers negotiating interesting unique geologic features found in the wilderness area, wilderness boundary signs, camp scenes, food preparation and consumption. 

Phoenix Area:

 South Mountain Park (Day hikers and scenics)
 Usury Pass (Day hikers and scenics)

Maine Stock List (Abbreviated)


  • Boothbay Region
    • Businesses
    • Buildings
    • Details
    • Landmarks
      • Carousel Marina
      • Fisherman's Memorial
    • Scenics
  • Georgetown Peninsula/Reid State Park
    • 5 Islands Lobster Pound
    • Reid State Park 

Nature Preserves

  • Rachel Carson Salt Pond Preserve, Bristol, Maine (A Nature Conservancy Protected Site). 
    • Scenics, details, and images of children exploring the salt pond.
  • Oven’s Mouth Preserve (Boothbay, Maine). 
    • Day hikers, scenics, salt marsh, Oven’s Mouth. Part of the Boothbay Region Land Trust.
  • Allagash Waterway (Historical: 1979)
    • Coverage includes canoe tripping along the Allagash Waterway. Camp scenes, food consumption, old abandoned locomotives, float plane. 


  •  Hendricks Head
  •  Pemaquid Point Light
  •  Ram Island


Kids Enjoying Maine

  • Beach Combing
  • Beach Play
  • Boating (sail, motor, oar, and paddle)
  • Fishing/Crabbing

Flora & Fauna

  • Fauna
    • Red Squirrel
  • Flora
    • Bunch Berry
    • Ferns
    • Flowers
    • Rugosia (extensive)
    • Water Lilies
    • Fungi/Lichens

OHIO Stock List


  • Cities/Towns 
    • Bowling Green 
    • Rudolph 
  • Museums 
    • Zoos 
      • Toledo Zoo
  • Parks and Preserves 
    • Oak Openings Preserve Metropark 
    • Providence Metropark, Issiac Ludwig Mill
    • Turkey Run Park
  • Events 
    •  Festivals
      •  Black Swamp Arts Festival
      •  Luckey Fall Festival
    •  Parades
  • Lines/Regressions/Abstracts
  • Winter Snow/Ice/Patterns
  • Scenics 
    • Farmscapes 
    • Lonely Country Roads
    • Sunrises 
    • Winter 
  • Seasons 
    •  Spring 
    •  Summer 
    •  Fall 
    •  Fall Color 
    •  Winter 
  • Structures 
    • Barns 
    • Fences/Woodpiles 
    • Houses 
      • Abandoned Houses and Farms
  • Industry 
    •  Agriculture


 Garden Vegetables (B)

 Tomato (1)
 Brussel Sprout (2)
 Eggplant (3)

Canada Stock List

  • Algonquin Provincial Park – Canoe Tripping.  
    •  Camp scenes 
    •  Food preparation and consumption
    •  Canoeing the waterways
    •  Portaging (a form of heavily laden backpacking) 
    •  Equipment details
    •  Scenics 
    •  Flora

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