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How do I Subscribe or Change my Subscription?

To Join Camping List. Camping List is an opt-in list.

  1. Address an email to
  2. No subject is necessary
  3. The message body should contain exactly two words: subscribe camping
  4. Send your email.
  5. Follow the confirmation instructions. Your subscription email will generate 2 email replies. One of those emails contins instructions on how to confirm your camping list subscription. Your subscription will become active only after you have followed the confirmation instructions.

To Leave Camping List

  1. Address an email to
  2. No subject is necessary
  3. The message body should say: unsubscribe camping
  4. Send your email.

To post a message to the Camping list

  1. Address your message to
  2. Please use a descriptive subject
  3. Enter your message in the usual place.
  4. Send your message.


Your email address will never be harvested or otherwise used for purposes other than camping list communication.


(c) Rob Kleine 1998.  Peace Man!  A Colorado River Rat flashes the peace sign while negotiating Tanner Rapids.  Grand Canyon National Park.What's the CampingList About? The CampingList is a free forum for the discussion of outdoor activities, broadly construed. This includes, but is not restricted to, discussion of backpacking, hiking, biking, canoeing, rafting, star gazing, photography, equipment related to any of the above. Also fair game is contemplation of the rate at which grass grows, expression of amazement about the quantity of lint that accumulates in one's belly button when writing about outdoor activities, and the reactions of construction workers who see you walking the streets of New York City in Day-Glo pink plastic mountaineering boots. The sharing of Experience Reports--in which you describe your activities--is especially encouraged.

The camping list is *not* moderated: every message sent to the list is distributed to the list. As owner of the CampingList, I do reserve the right to remove from CampingList any individual that uses the list for blatant promotion of commercial activities or makes a persistent ass of him or her self.

(c) Rob Kleine 1999.  A backpacker pauses to assess his progress up the Red Canyon Trail.  Grand Canyon National Park.The CampingList is about the exchange of ideas. Accordingly, ad hominum attacks are not acceptable. Attacking ideas is fine as long as you can substantiate your position. For example, it is OK to say, "The notion that circling one's tent with marshmallows to ward off grizzly bears is complete nonsense! Herraro, in his book Bear Attacks, says ..." It is not OK to say something like: "Peeves, you are a complete idiot for advocating that we surround our tent with marshmallows to ward of grizzly bears! You are a danger to society!" Granted, you may feel that way <G>, but let's keep discussion productive.

Not interested in a message? Don't like a message? Use your delete key.

How does Camping List work? An e-mail message addressed to is automatically sent to everyone subscribed to the list. Your e-mail reply to a CampingList message will be sent automatically to everyone on the list.

Reply vs. Reply to All. Some e-mail programs (e.g., Outlook and Outlook Express) have two reply options: Reply and Reply to All. Use Reply to All to send your reply to all list members. Use Reply if you desire to send your reply only to the person who sent the note and not to all list members.

Message management. I recommend that you create a Camping List folder in your e-mail program and set a rule that moves incoming CampingList messages to that folder.

If you use MS Outlook '98 or 2000, here's a great tip from David Flowers:

If you have a folder with the camping list messages, click on ORGANIZE, then USING VIEWS, then CUSTOMIZE CURRENT VIEW. That opens a dialogue box called VIEW SUMMARY. Click on GROUP BY and choose CONVERSATION then OK. Now you have a threaded discussion group. When new messages come in, it goes to your camping list folder, which shows the different threads, how many posts are in the thread and how many unread messages. Pretty slick.

Get your friends to join! Do you know someone who might be interested in the CampingList? Forward this message to them! The more folks we can involve in the list, the more fun and useful it will be for all.

Questions? Drop me a note at

Administrative Trivia. The Camping List runs as a mailing list off my domain. As it is a mailing list, it will work with any e-mail program connecting to the ISP of your choice. Relative to CS's Forum software, we lose message threading and achieving. In compensation we gain the freedom read and post Camping List messages using whatever e-mail software on we want connecting via any ISP.

Privacy Statement. Your name, e-mail address, and any other information you may provide, will be used exclusively for purposes of maintaining the Camping List. Information you provide will never be provided to other parties.


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